Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bariloche- Patagonia!

So we went on one of our last adventures within Argentina recently.
When we arrive here in Buenos Aires, everyone told us to go and visit San Carlos de Bariloche. They said it was just one of those amazing locations.
We wanted to go there for skiing in our first year, but it didn't happen because of the Volcano eruption in the Andes in 2011 and it poured ash all over Bariloche- it was even effecting flights in airports in Sydney at the some the ash was carried so far! So we waited.

Breakfast by the fire in our mountain cabin!
This trip to Bariloche (Patagonia) was AWESOME! We relaxed and enjoyed ourselves sooooooo much!! It is a must go to destination! absolutely! wow! So so beautiful!
If you are reading this and thinking of visiting- we rented an awesome place just off the Circuito Chico which was fantastic! We rented through which has some INCREDIBLE accommodations for great prices!
We stayed here -

and TOTALLY recommend!! that coolest place- it's own little fire place and the view from the bedroom was amazing! We were so snuggly warm and felt so close to the mountains and nature but having all the comforts! I totally recommend!

We also rented a car which is something else I recommend people do! It gave us complete freedom and it is incredible to drive around! We also miss driving together since we don't have a car here in Argentina. So it was great to sit back together and drive in some of the most scenic routes I have ever seen!! The alpine forests were gorgeous to stroll through and we loved the freshness.
Haha! Our awesome rented car

Now, we went in low season, as it wasn't snowing, but wintery and cold. We had a couple of spectacular blue sky days that were nothing short of amazing! We also got days of rain, but snuggled near the fire, found a day spa to relax in and spent lots of time going for tea and treats and some amazing chocolate shops!! So so very yummy!

You must check ourt Rapa Nui-
Some of the best chocolate I have had in a loooonnng time- definitely the best I have had in Argentina (which is not big into good quality chocolate here in Buenos Aires).

So it was a wonderful 5 days of sipping mate, small walks, relaxing and waking up to incredible views! We loved eating all the smoked trout! wow! it is so good!! We ate at some great restaurants! I have some suggestions:
- La Salamandra Pulperia- our favourite!
- Berlina- German beer house and great food!
- Rapa Nui- some of the best ice cream and chocolate I have ever had
- Holly Restobar- great for lunch, right on the water views! gorgeous (good banana smoothie)

I cannot say enough how awesome Bariloche is! We felt so refresh after the mini break away! It is so clean and beautiful!

Now being back a month since the trip- I am missing that time. It was so so beautiful and freeing. We are so blessed to be able to duck off to places like this. It was easy to fly to Bariloche from Buenos Aires and quick too! Not expensive at this time of year for flights too.

Punto Panoramico- Amazing view point- came here a few time to sit and sip maté

It was pretty amazing stoking up the fire in the morning, doing yoga, drinking yummy herbal teas and breathing in fresh air to some of the most impressive views!
I will always remember this cruisy cool time in the Andes mountains, surrounded by gorgeous lakes and together with my amazing man!

This kind of seems more like a location/holiday review than our personal experiences.. but I will let our photos speak for themselves-
Here are some little snippets that we cheekily got up to:
Llao Llao 5 star Hotel

- We went to Llao Llao hotel which is a 5 star hotel- we went there just to walk in and have a look and see the view while having lunch in their fancy dining terrace. It was a pretty impressive place to walk into. It helped speaking english and looking like tourists, as they were very welcomed. haha! The salad bar lunch was incredible!! amazing cheeses and salads and smoked trout of course! okay okay- enough about the food...
Llao Llao

- The gelato/ice cream at Rapa Nui will be a memory forever- The 80% dark chocolate flavour with the lemon pie (layered on top with fresh italian meringue like a real lemon pie) was incredible!! incredible!
We sat in the cafe as we ordered ice cream, and then hand picked truffles and chocolates and then fancy herbal teas... we sat in the warm on a comfy sofa with a huge screen in there watching one of the important Barcelona games.. the place filled with locals doing the same as us, to escape the cold, eat some sweet treats and catch one of the favourite futbol clubs in Argentina (thanks to Mesi, the famous Argentine player for Barcelona).

- Showing up at La Salamandra Pulperia restuarant around 10pm and discovering the place is packed with people, so no tables except a small coffee table with a small sofa for two (we grabbed it) and enjoyed talking about our future and relaxing and ordering the yummiest salad and mushrooms on damper toast. So yum and so fun and so together.

- Just driving and stopping and getting our and googling in awe at the view and mountains before us and then jumping back in the car and driving 2 minutes up the road and finding an even more jaw dropping view.. haha.. great times

- Waking up together and opening the curtain in front of us and having snowy capped mountains saying good morning to us while snuggling under the covers. It was like being in a movie! too perfect

- Smoked trout- this must be the 50th time I have mentioned it- but we LOVE fish and smoked trout here is the real deal! so fresh

- Fires! I love fires! and I have never stayed in a place with our own little fire place. Or we would find a cool place for lunch and their would be a roaring fire to welcome us. So good
View from our bed!
Simple lunch of smoked treats in our cabin by the fire! mmmm

- We drove on a dirt road for twenty minutes thinking we were going to get the car stuck in all the mud, but made it to this little mountain village called 'Colonia Suiza' which was a village colonised originally by the swiss. We enjoyed the markets and little shops and lunch and we bought 3 amazing rustic wooden boards for chopping or serving. They are our Argentine pieces. real special and will always make us think of this time in our lives.

Okay I could keep going but will end it here.
Love Miki