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Our Official Travel Map of The World!

Our World Map- Places we have visit in our travels...

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Our plan is to have travelled 100 countries before we are 50!
We are now both 25 yrs- half way there in age but not even half way in countries!! eek- better get a move on! haha

Number of Countries Travelled: 14

Hope to see more dots light up on our map soon!
Our South American Travelled Destinations:
Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay & Brazil
~ Miki & Chris


  1. Nice Guys! I am a Quilmenia living in Utah, so where is home? Jeff and I want to do the 100 countries, maybe you can give me some tips, here is my email sonia@soniathomas.com

  2. Hola Sonia! What a small world hey! The 100 countries has always been my dream! It might seem like 14 countries isn't many now- but I think once we hit Europe and all those countries so close together it will jump up abit! haha
    We live really close to the school actually- next to the Quilmes Athletics club (where the old quilmes stadium use to stand)
    We really like it! Quilmes feels a little dangerous at night but the city is like that too in certain areas. You guys planning to visit Argentina in the future?
    Any travel questions let me know- also happy to skype- (name: mikaela.koelma)
    Suerte y Abrazos!