Sunday, May 20, 2012

I think I may have turned into an Argentine!

A blog update will soon arrive regarding our trip to Peru! In a nutshell, it was and a recap to follow.
At present, we are very busy working on big upcoming school productions, including two musicals and a general concert showcasing the vocal talents of the kids from throughout the school. A big month ahead...but at the end of it will be our next trip to Brazil! Can't wait.

Today, I think I officially morphed into an Argentine on the football field. That's right, I let the passion of the game take over me! No more cool headed midfield passing for me...I threw my shirt and shouted curses in Spanish like the best of them! Some hardcore cheating from the opposition exacerbated by some poor decisions by our dubious 82 year old referee meant that our game descended into nothing more than a loud slinging match from both sides for about 15 minutes. I'm putting it down to the aforementioned busy-ness with work and also my uni work on top. But, nonetheless, I won the 'Pajero award' (the weekly prize for the biggest idiot of the game) and after I had to calm down and smile and admit my silly outburst.  Over a few drinks with the opposition, I think I regained a slight level of respect by accepting my award and the ensuing photo with the historic Pajero plaque.

After a nice lunch of Zaatar bread with guacamole and tuna, life returned to normal...maybe? We'll have to wait until next Sunday to find out. :)

Life in Argentina is great. Argentina is now life for us. We are happy, traveling hard and enjoying the challenges!




  1. ha ha good one Chrissy! That is funny. Spanish curses eh?

  2. Hi Guys just found your blog. We are Australians (well I was born in Argentina) but lived most of my life in Australia and now are moving to Patagonia. I have two small kids and my partner is Australian.
    Hope to keep in touch.

  3. Hi Yamila! Wow, sounds amazing...we loved Patagonia when we traveled there earlier this year...where in Patagonia do you live? And, what are you doing there?
    Mucha suerte,

    Chris and Mik