Friday, April 22, 2011

La Sofa de Cama Actualización- The Sofa Bed Update

It arrives on Saturday! Our Sofa bed will be delivered- we invested in this instead of travelling. A comfy comfy couch with a comfy double bed for guests.

Right now, I am awake at some ridiculous hour in the morning because I can't sleep with an aching shoulder.. winge winge winge.. there I'm done.

We have had an excellent last couple of days! It was a great idea staying at home for the Easter week vacation rather than trot off travelling somewhere- better to save a little and get some much needed rest.
So we have put the day trips to good use.

Lunes- Monday
Sleep in (everyday has started like this for me.. and it isn't just an extra hour more than is like I have been dead to the world for 12 hours zonked..much needed for my body I say)

By the afternoon, Chris and I were up to venturing outside and catching a bus into Palermo (a suburb/area in Capital-The city). We caught the Subte (subway) to 'Plaza de Italia' which came out right near the BA Zoo- Jardin Zoológico. We wandered around there for 2 hours with all the birds and ducks and geese wondering around- also in the free to wander animals were two that Chris and I had never seen before- there were these small dog sized 'Deer/guinea pig' looking animals. They were very shy and grazing on grass everywhere. There were also giant water rats that looked half otter and half rat... cute but we kept our distance.. there were some of these that were triple the size of the one in the photograph below.. like giant whiskered mamas!! and they swam!
Anyway, A real real highlight was jumping the knee high railing and patting the tusk of a massive rhino! He didn't even know we were there, he was chomping on his hay while we googled close up in disbelief. just breathtaking- I don't think I will get to do that again wooooo hehe!
Overall- it was sad to see these amazing animals not free where they should be. To see only 1 elephant or 1 zebra when they live in heards... or the panthers who were in the tiniest damp looking pen, when they should be in the jungle climbing trees and living as panthers do. I know we wouldn't see them otherwise- but if only the animal had a voice.
Just absolutely took my breath away! Beautiful
The deer/guinea pig thing
The water Rodent- they come in extra large sizes too..
The Llamas.. I look very excited by these creatures...

We finished the evening by walking to Palermo Soho, which is the uptown beautiful shops and fashion and cafes and restaurant part of Palermo. It is such a magic place to go at night- and on weekends, the market stalls spring to life. There is this affluent and warm hum in Palermo Soho that has me all excited every time we go. It is the feeling I get when I see Christmas lights at night everywhere in December.. like a small child, nose pressed to the window of a gorgeous ice cream shop... or a 24 year old girl- I still do that.. hah
We discovered a tiny restaurant called 'The Little Rose' which has great Japanese food. Simple and a selection of great sashimi and sushi/nigiri. I was hoping for noodles- but miso was their only soup option. The ceviche was awesome and the salmon sashimi melted in your mouth- so food report is very very good! But the atmosphere spun me out a little at first... It was dark lighting and romantic and not at all themed around Japan or Asia.. it was more pretty English- dark wood and candles and roses and small paintings of pretty young English girls (old fashioned).. and then Bob Dylan was playing in the background... As I sat eating ceviche all zingy and fresh... I felt I was in the wrong place.. haha. The service was fantastic and Chris and I loved the whole thing in the end!! Only in Argentina- We will be back to Little Rose!

Martes- Tuesday
Chris has been finishing another Essay for his Masters degree with Newcastle Uni. He is going so good! One night after a massive day of teaching (he finished at 7pm this day from school), he jumped on skype at 8pm to have a conference class at the Uni with the lecturer and other students- was very cool... but went to after 12am... It was one of those long distance 1 day a year type things where all the students come for full day lectures.. it was a full night lecture for Chris. Anyways, that was a month or so ago and from that he has his essays and reading and reading and more readings to do for his master's degree. Totally proud of him- my legend
So after he was finished we simply continued to vege- watching a tv series and riding our bikes around Quilmes.  
I also hung out with my new friend Christina for brunch which was special. 
Simple rest day

Miercoles- Wednesday
This day we rode to one of the plazas (parks) in town and had a picnic- it was such a beautiful day. There are these take-away food stores that have all homemade ready to go meals. meat and vegetable dishes and breads and salads... sooo fantastic!! so we ordered ours hot and ready to go and sat in the sun warming ourselves eating some hearty this and that. healing and delicious.
The afternoon was resting and the evening was one of the best things we have done yet in Argentina.
We made new friends with some beautiful people who invited us over to their house for dinner. It was super special and real and Chris and I feel very humbled and blessed to have met such lovely genuine people. So to this couple, thank you for your new friendship and welcoming us into your home. It was profound!
They were so so patient with us. Our Spanish is very on the minimal side- and their English was similar. What may have taken half an hour conversation with normal language conversation took hours- which was absolutely awesome!! We learnt so much Spanish just listening and practicing and listening. Everything was just the best! A very authentic time with these excellent people!

Jueves- Thursday
This was an interesting. After going to bed at 3:30am (after a cool night with our friends)- It was difficult to be woken up at 11:30am having to be at the house of the Headmaster of St George's in half an hour.. HALF AN HOUR... Today we were heading to the Polo- and Mr Pringle was driving. okay, so I woke up quickly (you can imagine- this is my boss). Apart from both of us hopping around madly, we arrived easy and headed with his family into Palermo where the Polo and horse racing stadiums were. Fancy.
This was Argentina vs Ingleterra (England)- an International match between two very elite Polo playing countries. It was spectacular to watch!! The horses are amazing and the control that the men show, the precision with hitting this 'soft ball' sized hard ball on the ground with these skinny sticks was amazing. The culture wasn't elite or club like with what I have heard England is. But people came our smartly (and warmly) dressed for the crisp weathered match. Argentina won 13-7 and it was a very relaxed and engaging atmosphere. Very interesting to see this.
The afternoon was visiting the Malba- BA's contemporary art musem- which was great!
Home to cheese and biscuits and a film and a sore shoulder..
Skyping with both Koelma and Prout parents... skype is amazing!!

oooo and I am going to be a Aunty any day now!! Kate and Jarrod Prout, my brother and his wife are going to be a mummy and daddy very soon- Kate is due like right now, so it could happen any time!! The first new little Prouty to be born into the family! I am so so excited for them!!! Goodluck Kate, prayers and love and thoughts to all three of you! skype and photos soon please.

Now- Viernes- Thursday- 5am
My dreams continue to be in Espanol.. I can't say much in Castellano, but whatever I can comes firing into my sleep... I think it is because we are hearing it so much. It is amazing! I was speaking or more babbling and I wake myself up. 
I LOVE learning this language. I LOVE LOVE Argentina. I honestly feel very alive, very content. It is where we are meant to be. This new change, this job, being in this place together with Chris just resonates so well for both of us. I encourage everyone to go out and follow your dream- make it happen- I am not saying it is always easy and perfect and my life is now a floating angel cake. But the restlessness has gone- a new tune is humming in my heart and it feels, or I know it is just good.

Love to you all- off to start sleeping my morning away- The voltaren has kicked in.

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