Tuesday, May 3, 2011

email to the bro's, dad and mum

This is an email that I sent today to my three brothers: Tim, Pete and Eric, and my Mum and Dad. I think the email says all the needs to be said about yesterdays' experience:

Well boys (and Mum), I just thought I'd report on my experience at La
Bombanera last night, before facebooking it etc.

Oh MY FRIGGEN GOODNESS it was insane! Boca vs. Independiente, 50,000
in the stadium (packed) and I sat on the FIELD behind the goal next to
the photographers pretending to be keeping an eye on the speakers set
up for the crowd behind the goals! I went with a new friend of mine and he is a really awesome guy who speaks about as much English as I speak Spanish. But we've really
clicked and he's an absolute legend. He runs the sound set-up at La
Bombanera (and the Quilmes, Estudiantes and All Boys stadiums as well)
and invited me to come with his sound crew to see the game in a
special way. It was such an honour to be invited. I had to lay low and
pretend that I was a new member of the crew learning the ropes of the
sound system. We got there at 3pm for a 8pm kick off and hung out
drinking Mate (pronounced Ma-tay) and learning 'malo palabras' (dirty
language) with his crew. It was so cool to walk on the immaculate
grass of La Bombanera when it was totally empty.

5 hours later and I was right in the middle of it all...it was nuts.
The Boca fans were psycho, yelling so much abuse and hanging off the
rafters and singing so loud with a full band accompaniment "Dale,
dale, dale BOOOOCCCAA" (Dale is pronounced da-ly).

When Martin Palermo (veteran Boca player...has scored 232 goals for
them, and also starred for Villareal in early 2000's) scored his crazy
goal....see tvgolo.com clip:
the crowd went nuts and was one of the loudest things I've heard.

Another cool thing was that the Independiente fans are given this
small section up high behind the goals and they brought in those red
bang-together balloon thingys. However, a lot of them just peed in the
balloons and use them like wee bombs which they threw onto the Boca
supporters below. It was crazy to watch.

Anyway, I didn't bring a camera, however, one of the crew took some
pictures of me and a video, which I will post online. The video is of
me in the stadium looking around while my amigo played St Leonards
'Opened Up My Eyes' during the half time interval and at the end of
the game. The song was absolutely cranking around La Bombanera and it sounded killer!

So, that is a quick description of the experience. I got to bed at
2:30am and had to wake up at 6:30am, so I'm a bit of a zombie at
school right now, but it was totally worth it.
Sorry to rabbit on about it all, but I'm just so excited to tell you


Since the email, some photos came through:
Here is one of me at the end of the game, hanging out on La Bombanera campo.


  1. So Mint..... in fact it's minty fresh.. Chris H

  2. Woo-hoo, so fantastic!!

  3. Haha, Chrissy H, I like your comment (and Arn and Anonymous too!), but I haven't heard someone say mint in a while until a guy here in Arg said it. I have therefore had a nice double dose of MINT! I love that word as a descriptor. This experience was totally Mint CH. Big choc mint biscuits in fact!