Saturday, September 17, 2011

Iguazu memories

So I have been playing around with this blog and updating it with a few pages at the top about travels and food (two of my favourite things)... and I was looking back through all the posts we have written this year and couldn't find a single thing about Iguazu! I was such a lazy blogger in the middle of this year!
Well I am going to fix that by putting up photos and just saying how absolutely incredible Iguazu was!!

Iguazu is a small town in the province of Misiones, up the very top right corner of Argentina, shouldering Paraguay and Brazil. The big big tourist drawcard for travellers all around the world are the AMAZING waterfalls in Iguazu National Park.
We went here in May with my mum and dad for the weekend. it was THE BEST!! one of the coolest places I have ever been to!!! chris and I want to go back definitely!
It was cheaper for us to fly there and have access into the National Park because we have Argentine DNI's (Documents of National Identity)- because we live here. Mum and dad had to pay double on everything- flights, entry to the park etc... so it was great for us, but if you don't have one of these coveted DNI's, then be prepared to pay big on the flights!
But totally worth every penny!! an SPECTACULAR natural wonder of the world! breath taking!
I just thought I would put some photos up, they don't do it justice, but gives a really clear picture of what we experience. The sounds and smells and jungle board walks and grandeur of nature was fantastic!
Dad and me walking out to 'Gargantas de Diablo'- The Devil's Throat

Behind us, the mighty big plug hole of The Devil's Throat

Jurassic park 
Beautiful Beautiful- and the waterfalls are good too! hehe

We flew early Saturday morning and managed to have the afternoon at the waterfalls. It was a beautiful afternoon with the sun streaming through. We went to the 'Garganta de Diablo' which means 'The Devil's Throat'. It was spectacular, unlike anything I have ever seen or heard. HUGE amounts of water just gushing down into this watery hole, you couldn't see the bottom. There we lots and lots of butterflies (mariposas) flying around and it was just magical!
Next day was a full day in the national park! We walked everywhere, down the bottom jungle boardwalk track, did the boat ride that took you right underneath a huge waterfall and got drenched from head to toe- loved it!!!! such a thrill! and then walked up the top track and the top views were amazing, we over looked to Brazil- the waterfalls are the boarder between Argentina and Brazil!

So our trip was totally worthwhile! I know a lot of people travelling don't want to do the whole 'touristy' thing or go to places where everyone goes to. But this is just such a natural wonder must see if you go to Argentina!! Epic and magical!
Chris and I went back on Sunday for a couple of hours, leaving mum and dad at the hotel to relax before flying back to Buenos Aires. We did this 6km walk through the jungle to this solo waterfall that had a natural little pool at the bottom. If it had been a hot day it would have been a magic little swimming hole. But we had mate and sandwiches and had a great little picnic.
Half walked, half ran the track back because we had to fly back to BA.
Overall- DO IT!! it was the best!
And it was so special and wonderful to share it with my mum and dad!
Our picnic spot
Sunset to end our day at Iguazu Waterfalls

 I know this was 4 months ago, but it was so awesome that it was totally worth blogging about!! I know I have said it a lot, but we are sooooo buzzed with the opportunity to travel! I have been so wrapped up in work and trying to get this Music Department off the ground and I have forgotten what we have access too.
Anyways, we are all over it now and have already booked and paid for flights to Cusco, Peru in April 2012!! So stoked and ready to see Machu Picchu! Going to one epic adventure that is! We are planning to do the 4 day trek to the ruins! woohoooo
Come on people, stop saying you need to see South America one day, just start saving and get over here and do it!!!

By the way, Waterfall in Castellano is Cataratas-
Cataratas de Iguazu (Iguazu Waterfalls)! woohoo

All my love,
~ Miki

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