Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A little travel crazy right now...

Well if you have been seeing my status updates on facebook you would have seen my many comments about Pipa in Brazil or Machu Picchu in Peru or The Caves resort in Jamaica...

I have been scanning the internet like a crazy woman every night hunting for the best flights to some of the most exotic places in South America! I am loving it and LOVING the idea that we have this opportunity to travel. It is like the little travel light went 'ping' inside me and I can't wait to go on these adventures with Chris!

It starts in a week with Salta!! I am soooo excited! Everyone is saying it is a super super good place to go to in Argentina. So I am VERY looking forward to it.
I have included a picture of where Salta is on the map (the little 'A' is Salta, you can also see Buenos Aires on the map too).

I know we have been to Mendoza and skiied, but I have to admit, that trip was booked two days before doing it.. now we have had a couple of weeks to build the excitement of travel and I am going potty waiting for the holidays!! haha

And not only that, I am on a travel planning spree! I have contacted travel companies about booking a tour for Machu Picchu next May and I am also looking at where we can go in the July Winter holidays next year... haha! I found a AWESOME way to book flights, relatively cheap so that you can go country hopping- like a around the world ticket, but it is immediate and may work out cheaper. And for all your aussies, it is! haha here is the direct link.. if you are a little bit travel thirsty like me, have a go, pick a route like sydney to brazil to mexico to new york and back... its great!!
I have been doing it from Buenos Aires and not even including Australia in my search and it works like a dream! finds the cheapest flights and air carriers!

Now this all sounds like very me me me travel planning driven, Chris is still in the picture here everybody.. but he has his masters essay due this week and another one next week. We are going to lock things in on Friday together.. travel plans!! yippeeee

So here is proof, while I write this, mi esposo lindo es trabajando mucho! Please excuse the wacky photo.. just getting creative with my webcam. hahaha

So now I am going to end this by saying we have 1 more week and it is trimester break- we get one week off and away we go on our Salta adventure!
I have left a picture on here of me looking very bright and happy off to work.. I can tell you I am not this perky in the morning- But all this thinking about travel and holidays coming soon has put another pep in my step!
And I know that my nan and my mama and gidhi are reading this and so here is a nice picture of me going off to work.

I would like to put it out there- if anyone is reading and has some travel suggestions for me of anywhere from the USA down to the bottom of Argentina and everywhere in between (South America), could you please comment on this blog!! I would LOVE to hear your favourite places and suggestions.

Hope everyone is happy and well!!
Mucho besos siempre,

ps. Today I learnt that Mika in Argentina is a really vibrant colourful precious stone!! how cool is that, my nickname over here is an awesome rock! I also learnt that Mika in Peru means plastic folder... hmm

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