Sunday, December 4, 2011

2 weeks to go and flying back to Australia!

This thought is mostly occupying my mind at the moment: home to Aus in two weeks for a 1 month holiday with family and friends and beaches and asian food and byron bay and 25th birthday and brother's wedding and family and beaches and food!
okay I could make this list long but it would get repetitive I think! haha

It feels like the first time all year I have some head space and I'm just letting everything go! work is coming to a quick end and I'm so ready to be on the plane flying back to hugs from mum & dad and mama & papa K!! so dang excited!!
Pinamar Beach!
In Carilo- gorgeous
Weekends have remained sunny and last weekend we took off on a coach down the coast for the long weekend. We spent 3 nights in Pinamar which was awesome!! it is about 4 hours South of BA city and we just had such a refreshing time! We also discovered Carilo which is a tiny expensive built town in the wood forest of pine trees.. it's quite magical!! we will be back for rest and recoup next year definately!
But our weekend consisted of lying on the beach, swimming, drinking mate, nice meals out, a little shopping, siestas, more lying on the beach, a 8km walk from Pinamar to Carilo along the beach (didn't think it was that long when we started... but 2 hours later we made it haha...)
We stayed in a great little hotel 100 metres from the beach and just loved every minute!
We got back on the 'micro' (coach) back to Capital in the afternoon feeling very relaxed and couldn't believe in our heads that it was only 3 weeks till being on our Aussie beaches!!
watching the fisherman at the end of the windy peer in Pinamar

We are happy! haha

Watching the southerly come over- drinking mate

Together at Pinamar- great weekend! refreshed
Sunsetting on the coach back to BA
The past week has been busy wrapping up classes, hosting a music event in the theatre (Music Interhouse Competition), late night Salsa dancing on Thursday with friends and Friday night was a big big Graduation fiesta for the students finishing school... honestly it was like a $60,000 dollar wedding set up... I have never seen anything like it!! incredible. these kids come from very very VERY well off homes, and this party showed all that splendour off. Anyway, it was a lot of fun! It started at 9pm Friday night with crazy canapes everywhere, platters, sushi and pasta stations and drinks.... and then at about 12:30am dinner was served and then about 2am dessert was served and we ended up leaving about 3am- the party was warming up and would kick on to 5 or 6am! crazy!
it was a big sleep in the next day for us! haha

So after getting all my reports done I really don't have much left except a afternoon outdoor concert at school called 'Woodstock' which runs for about 2 hours and allows the students to get up and play songs in front of everyone on the grass while they watch a futbol (teachers vs students) match. It will be the last day of school before speech day on Wednesday. and then Thursday and Friday are public holidays! and we will be packing and getting ready for Australia!! woooohoooo

Well I'm off to keep cleaning the house up a bit.. it gets so bombarded during the week with papers and books and clothes everywhere and washing everywhere... I actually like cleaning up my space (remember we have a 1 bedroom apartment.. so not a large space to tidy.. easy work)- it feels fulfilling.. haha

off to the pool today for a swim and lay about studying my spanish and drinking mate. Chris has his final futbol game today with the Odd Socks team. they are having a big asado to finish the year off with the team. We have been at so many 'end of year' asados this past week and more to come this week... won't be hanging out for an aussie steak when we get home.. we are probably getting the best kind of steaks in the world! haha! sooo much meat! SEAFOOD PLEASE! GIVE ME A PRAWN SOMEONE! IT'S BEEN A YEAR! HAHAHA!
okay i'm a little bet mental.. but hanging out for aussie freshness

so to end my obsessed aussie sounds blog. We are so content living here- I haven't felt restless all your. Sure I have felt tired and stressed and missing home at times. But so fulfilled, for the first time I don't feel like I should be anywhere else. It is incredible. Excited for what could be after our time here! who knows where we will go or be? or how we will feel at the end of our final year in this contract?! amazing

chau chau y besitos mis amigos

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