Saturday, June 11, 2011

Part 1- Time to wipe the dust off the blog

This is the Part 1 of my 7 day (mas o menos) clean the dust off this blog! Thanks to a gorgeous email from my sister Zo, she made me realise that I'm getting lazy (or just hectic busy) and not sharing what the heck is going on over here! haha

So here we go- a 7 day trial to download to the world what has been going on in the past month!
Some key words I would use to express our Argy adventures would be:
Parents, Chris, love, joy, blessings, food, waterfalls, butterflys, God, music, sofa bed, stress, sickness, musical, teaching, teaching, reports, teaching, choir, singing, savings, working, winter, new shoes, relaxing, leg wax, spanish, sleep, lack of exercise, sleep, cable TV, masterchef Australia, youtube, food..

okay I'm repeating things now.. haha and there was no order to that list, just words that plopped into my head from thinking about May.

Mother and Father come to visit their daughter who packed up her life with her amazing/gorgeous/incredible husband to start a new life of love, language and learning in a far far away country called Argentina. And the result- I think mum and dad are at peace now knowing their little one is doing okay and is safe and living life fully.

It was so so great to have mum and dad be here!! They spent a month with us and I can't believe how fast it went! They stayed in Palermo Soho (Buenos Aires Capital) for 3 nights and then headed to Iguazu with Chris and I for 3 nights (it was the absolute best!!) and then stayed with us a week and got to see our School Musical Production- Oliver. They slept in our bedroom and we got the sofa bed- which is new cause we bought it new two months ago and its great!! if ever you stay on our sofa bed, know that you will sleep good! cause Chris and I slept great!! very happy with our buy.
Mum and dad then set off on the 'buque bus' which is the super fast and decked out ferry over to Colonia, Uruguay. The they came back and stayed with us for a few more days and flew to Chile- Easter Island- for a week and then back with us for a few more nights before heading home to Aus. I think they loved Argentina- the best for us was just being with them, showing them our favourite places to eat in Quilmes- where my favourite ice shop (heladeria) is! by the way it is called 'Via Cosenza' and has the best damn icecream in the world!! oh man... my year 7 students even know that its my favourite ice cream! haha

Get this- I gave some boys in my year 7 music class (12 year olds) a random quiz while the rest of the class were finishing their work and asked questions like- how many beats is a crotchet plus two semibreves? etc... and I asked- what is my favourite food in Argentina? and they wrote "Helados chocolate" (chocolate icecream) baaahahahaaa... even my kiddies know I am in love with the chocolate icecream here.... how sad am I?!! just food crazy.. hahaha

Right now, I am lying on my chocolate looking couch, listening to Bon Iver's album, incense wafting whirling around me in the afternoon sunshine. I took a photo cause I just feel so full and happy and relaxed and peaceful, which has been a bit of a rarity over the past month with everything that has been going on. First time I feel like I have just stopped. So I'm gonna mark the moment with a blog update and a photo and a cup of tea.

okay, so this is Part 1- to be continued- so many photos and adventures to share!

All my love and God bless,

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