Sunday, June 12, 2011

Part 2-Sunday is soup day

Chris and I have found a way to access the Australian Masterchef series for 2011. It is some tricky way of writing it on, We can't watch it via the masterchef website because our computers are detected as being in Argentina (which they are..) so we have found a back ally version that is awesome! We are now up to episode 28... we have had no advertising to bother us and it is a great way to blob out and not think of anything, and still be in touch with something from home. it's good.

My Sunday's are great! I have got a little routine sort of worked out. Here is how it goes. I sleep in till about 9-10am. Chris leaves for football at St George's with the Odd Socks (a team made up of teachers, staff and locals- who come together every sunday morning wearing odd paired up soccer socks to verse another local team). Chris has usually come back with some sort of ding or injury. Today was all good thank goodness. A bit of a hit to his thigh.. but he is okay. His ankle has taken a beating this year though.. some deep bruising or scar tissue or something has been giving him some problems. He has been strapping it up..
okay, back to my Sunday. So I get up and have the place to myself. I tidy up a bit, light up some incense, put on some music to suit my mood and veg on facebook over a cup of tea and some medialunas (mini croissants). I put a load of washing on, open up windows and let them freshness of a clean space and some solo time fill me up. I then put on jeans and a jumper and my thongs (just for other internationals..these are flip flops I'm talking about okay). grab my 'green bags' (so I don't have to use plastic bags at the shops) and go to get the necessary weekly groceries like milk and cereal and bread and fruit...aaannndd.. Ingredients for Mikaela's creative new soup!

I get back, unload the shopping- which all up has cost me about $20AUD for 4 bags full of fruit and veg + all the milk, breads, canned produce, yougurts, nuts, ham, cheese etc... which would in Australia come to approx. $50AUD. I love our local stores!
I hang out the washing and then get onto some serious soup making time.
My Minestrone

Last time it was chicken noodle soup, today was minestrone soup! and it actually worked! I kinda went on the fly and thought about what would work.. and it did! Filled with awesome vegies and beans and tomatoey goodness! Very healthy and delicious!! haha... it will give us dinner for the next couple of nights.. okay, I am aware this isn't a food blog- so I am shutting up now.
Today was also full of watching Master chef on the sofa with Chris and cracking open our last packet of double coat chocolate tim tams... Mum brought over 3 of these packets (our favorite) from Australia.. and now the last one is just about all gone... Peggy came down for this ceremony and we now have 3 left... probably to be eaten after the soup!

So not all my Argentine experiences are about food... I can admit that I haven't done any serious exercise for the last 2 months... Chris and I can feel how unfit we are and hate it. We are starting back up again hitting the spin class (it's gonna kill me) tomorrow evening. May was absolutely spastic in terms of work load and everything else that went around it and April was a wipe out, I was so sick- I actually took sick days off school because my head was so stuffed with snot and throat was dying. Have I told you that I went to the throat specialist and they put a camera down my throat and I got to see my vocal chords!! Well they are in good health which is good to know- I thought with all this overload on singing and shouting and speaking all the time they were going to kark it.. but they are fine! hoorah!

Back into exercise and healthy soup and all things fine! We are in the process of thinking of what to do after our USA Gospel Tour with the school. That's right- in 3 weeks, Chris and I head off with 2 other cool teachers and 46 students to Boston, New York and Washington! yippeeee!! 10 days of singing, musicals, theatre, Central Park, Boston breakfasts (Simon says they are outrageously good- I can't wait), American Pizza (oh mama!), and the mighty M&M shop, which my sister has made me promise I must go to for her in New York. And the best part- it will be stinking hot summer!!! woooo!! Can't wait for the heat and out of this crispy cold!

I thought I would finish part 2 with some pictures of our little home. We have been nesting and just love this space. It get's pretty trashed during the week with work close over any sort of chair we can find, mid-week washing in the middle of the lounge room, socks popping up all over the floor, books, papers, marking and dust. Saturday morning has become a bit of a spring clean day and we just have been loving enjoying this clean space over the weekend.
I have decided that we are going to repaint our bedroom. It is green. I feel like I am in a formula 1 hotel when I walk into it. It is green. Did I mention that it is green. and not a light gentle pastel green. no, green.
Living room
Well, not much mentioned about adventures in May... Really just a whole lot of talking about myself sorry- but what else are blogs for.

love love chicos

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