Monday, June 20, 2011

part..okay so I can't write for 7 days straight..

Well I didn't exactly follow my 7 day blogging plan... but I do intend to keep up a much more consistent blog!

Latest news. We have new friends in Quilmes. A young couple who is linked with other really beautiful people. Aye (pronounced 'ar-sh-eh') is a dancer who loves singing and camping and is so lovely! and Lucas is a brilliant drummer in a band called 'The Dagg' (check out on facebook). He is full of personality and loves music and futbal and music philosophy.

We spontaneously went to see his band play last night at 11:30pm at the bar called the 'essenhaus' which was on the other side of the Quilmes Train tracks. So we had some local mexican food (the only mexican restaurant in Quilmes- it was nice and cosy atmosphere) and then walked ourselves to our favourite ice creamery 'Via Cosenza'- and because I RAVE about the ice cream to everyone and we go on their quite a bit and rave about it to the owners- they gifted us with a free ice cream!! score! haha
We then got a remis (a private taxi- they don't have taxi's in Quilmes, they are called remis') and headed over to this bar.

It was a dark small venue and it was packed! we found stools near the bar and then Aye met us and we went and sat with her, watching Lucas' funk, rock, jazz fusion band pump out their own tunes- full of Lucas' crazy fun personality and some very accurate, tight musicians playing together. Pablo, Ary and Lucas have known each other since they were two- their music reflects this- was cool too see/hear!
We also met some other of their Music friends. They were so lovely and our spanglish spanish was getting a good work out!
And onward the night went with a walk over to the Irish pub 'Yappies' where I got to speak with Aye over a drink (aqua con gas was my only option- mineral water) and I'm gonna go to her dance class with her. She is so passionate about this dance class- it sounds great!!
We then went 'walking' around Quilmes- by this time it was about 4am and their were lots of young couples and groups of people out and about walking from one pub/club venue to the next.
And we brought them back to our place- the 6 of us together came back here for Chocolates Calientes (hot chocolates). We also gave them a taste of vegemite on toast and they dug it!! Argentinean's have a palate for vegemite- who would have known? I'm gonna have to bring a couple of jars back over here now at the end of the year...
or maybe Chris and I could start our Argentinean version of the stuff and make lots of money?

There is also a lack of 'dips' here in Argentina. All they have is cream cheese.. 4 flavours of course.. original cream cheese, cream cheese and ham, cream cheese roquefort, cream cheese and herbs.... they suck.. not a fan.. the plain one is alright. haha...
but no hummus, no pesto, no sundried tomato or spinach dip.. no gaucamole... not like our supermarket shelves in Australia...
So.. Chris and I think we should make our Argentinean chain called 'Chris n Mika's Dip Co.' hahahaha..
what do you think?
On our 10th floor Balcony- Vista de Quilmes

Wow this blog is going in many different places....

We also made meat pies today. MEAT PIES!
Why is it that you come to a new country with a new culture and you try and bring out your own cultural habits and we praise ourselves for it... what is that?!
Well I love Argentina!
It is so nice to be making new friends. So nice to be feeling more like we have a home here. So cool to have spoken spanish (with many errors) all night long. And so nice to sleep in till 2pm today! hah

This is me checking out- will probably write again in a week.
Chris is off to play indoor futbal with Lucas at 10pm tonight in Quilmes.

Ciao para ahora chicos
Besos y abrazos,

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  1. sounds so good this is Adriana , Nathans wife will try to talk him into teaching there. un abrazo desde Gosford