Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back working late..

So I thought it was bad enough having to only do reports twice a year... but here at St George's we have not semesters (2) but trimesters... that is three times we need to write reports and have parent teacher interviews.
Now not trying to sound wingy.. but that is what is going on in my work world at the moment and it always seems to do my head in.. 1 week to churn out over 200 reports..
my head is a blubber on the beach... just hanging on the sand not able to do anything..
okay that was a little dramatic and didn't really give a clear picture of my head.. I just feel stressed and I need to give it God!

At my desk
Why do we stress.. it's so dumb.. there is no improvement in the situation because of it.. its just our hormones freakin out, our brain saying stop it and it is taxing on the body. How silly of us (or I shall speak for myself I guess).

I am here in my office marking away while Chris teaches a couple of bass students after school. I am thinking that the sun is staying out longer (but it could be my head wishing for it so hard that is appears to seem lighter at 6pm instead of darkness)...
I also, in my procrastination from marking, have whizzed around the music department and taken some snaps since what you may have seen from the first few blogs at the start of the year.

Chris with a boarder bass student after school in a prac room (mirror image from my laptop ppl.. he isn't playing left)

The big classroom

In a prac room (who left that lead on the ground! -spoken like a music teacher...)

The Acoustic room
And so it looks all neat and schmick. I think it is an amazing place to have a music department!! but... it is a cement slab built on a underground spring and is the lowest point in the school.. the constant wetness is no good.

But music is being made in this place! At lunchtime today I was running kids through a catch up music exam, gospel choir was singing in the big classroom with Simon and Chris was floating around while two groups of students were practicing in the rooms their rock songs as bands. It was so utterly musical and functioning and rad!

Did I mention that Gerri brought with her a LARGE can of Milo as a gift from Australia for us... oh my, you can't go past it!! I have been giving tastings of it to our friends here in Arg, and they like it too!! maybe we could start a milo franchise over here!? it would take off I reckon!!

Well going to head and hopefully get to the gym! I got a ton of marking done!! time to hit the reports! it is the comments that bring me down... so many to write!

Ciao for now, see I'm trying to be more frequent with my blogging.

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