Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mis padres y otras cosas (My parents and other things)

Well, I just thought I would tag a little footnote to Mikaela's recent posts. It is a Sunday night and I have had a day that I will describe with the following equation:

football mania + reports + uni work + incredible meat pie = good.

As Mikaela wrote, we had such a great time with my parents here. We ate a bucket load of good food, explored B.A. and its' many offerings and had a damn good time hanging out. The Milo that came with them has been getting a work out. Literally, every day I have been watching the little brown capsules of Milo goodness float to the top of my glass of milk. This simple pleasure has been welcomed indeed. We are at the 7 month point and things are getting a little more normal now. Walking down a footpath and watching for major cracks and major craps (dog craps that is), eating steaks that are as tender as the definition of tender itself, speaking and hearing Spanish, live football on from 10am to 10pm on television on Sundays, passionate people, crazy ambulances with 6 different sirens all played at once, horse drawn carts clopping down the street in front of our apartment block and late nights are just some of these normalities. And, I love it.

We have a trip planned for Salta in a couple of weeks. It's a cool place up in the North of the country next to the Andes, that has incredible rock formations, salt plains and indigenous desert communities. Looking forward to this one a lot.

In essence, I just thought I'd throw some words on this page to let you know that I'm still alive and kicking and that Mikaela is doing an awesome job keeping the updates flowing!


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  1. great to hear from you Chris!! I'm so happy you're enjoying life, xx