Monday, August 29, 2011

Our new garden, Salta adventures soon and BAILA!

Tonight we did something wonderful! we bought little plants for our balcony. A Jasmine vine, a pot of lavender and a pot for the herbs mama K bought for me to grow also some little flowers to welcome in the spring feeling! PRIMAVERA! woohooo... warmness and longer sunshine please come my way quicker!

I absolutely attacked reports on the weekend and am nearly done! still marking about 25 compositions and finishing one last class... my head has been so consumed with work it is ridiculous! but can see the light at the end and its so nice to see little buds popping up here and there to remind me that winter isn't forever!

We have booked our flights to Salta!!! we are going to hire a car and shoot off into the rocky desert and salt plains! sooooo excited, so ready for a change in atmosphere! We have booked at this place in Tilcara that has awesome little rustic cabaƱas with little mini log fires in the room that we can snuggle on our bed too and look out the window and watch the sunset... okay getting very dreamy and romantic but will be gorgeous!!
and to drive!! yaaayyy its been 8 months. and it will be driving in some of the prettiest country side in the world!
and you can do these llama walks!! how cool is that! horse riding and llama walks for us! I'm going to walk around the mountains with my very own llama!  

Also on the weekend, in between all the marking and reports, Chris and I got an amazing opportunity to go see 'Choque Urbano- BAILA' (Urban Crash- DANCE) which was so so incredible! It was at this really rustic cool arts factory in Capital called 'The Konix' and it was amazing!! the dancing and set design and costumes and talent and drumming and percussion and music was incredible! It was like a more theatrical 'stomp' group kinda thing with awesome dancing. it was a sit down show that started at 10pm and finished at 12am (normal concert time in Argentina). It was so incredible and if you live here and are reading this, then get ya butt to it! absolutely worth it! (less than US$20 by the way! awesome).
Can't wait for balmy nights in summer to go and explore the arts scene in Buenos Aires!! yippeee
if anyone has suggestions, let me know!

Okay, composition marking to get back too! 
Do you like my new blue jumper, it was a gift from two students from the USA tour- they surprised me with this gorgeous Holster jacket.. spoilt and love it!! very special.

3 weeks and we fly off to Salta.. did I mention I can't wait!?

~ miki

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