Friday, February 11, 2011

Dia 2

Day 2

So having had woken up at 3am in the morning and not being able to fall back to sleep..our second day felt long.. I went to bed at about 6.30pm..i couldn't stay awake any longer and now I am up at 4am.. dang! jetlag leave me!!!

We stayed at home skyping all morning to mum and dad and internetting and chilling out and made 'huevos' on toast (eggs). The eggs are cool, the shells were blanco which means white.. pure white large eggs! yokes are a nice yellow..haha.. i can't believe I am describing eggs!

As I look out my dark window, the sky has a continual orange glow...never lived in a city before.. the buses and trucks are so loud and noisy as they drive by..such different sounds.. I miss the cicadas and bell birds in the morning from our central coast. I'm sure I won't notice the dogs barking and traffic noises after awhile..
By the way, this is a beetle we found trudging its way through the grass on a field at the school. We went to the college today to hand in some documents etc.. It looked like a mini rino to me which his big tusks.. Chris thinks it is a dung beetle?! there were lots of them in the grass... makes me think about walking in the grass bare foot..wouldn't want to land on one.. ouch

And here is what one of the buildings look like as you walk in through the main gates off Guido (our street). It is the 'Prep' building, which is the primary school classrooms. I reckon College (Secondary) buildings look even cooler!! The inside is sooo beautiful and old school. lots of dark woods...maybe a bit victorian.. very cool!!

We met Peggy today, she lives in the apartment above us. She came here at 12 noon and just chatted, We found out she is a very well travelled woman! She has been at St Georges for a year now, she came to the school by herself, no partner. She has been to Asia and Australia 3 times, lived in Mexico..she is from the UK. She is a primary teacher and really enjoying it at the college. We went up to have a look at her apartment and it was sooo cool! I can't wait to get our boxes to make this small place our home! She had cool artworks up and plants on her balcony and cool rugs and a comfy futon! We are going to get a sofa bed real soon!! We then all went down to ground and met up with the 2 other new expat groups. a couple with a 4 year old and a single guy called Thomas, all of them from the UK. We were joined by other expat families and people from the school who live in Quilmes. We all went to lunch to the Asado restaurant next door to the torres (towers-our apartments) called Senor Gomez. We had a big table where we order asado dining, which is Argentinian BBQ. they cook the meet over hot coals.. gives is such a lovely flavour.. Now,  I was told that the steak cuts like butter... well, I must have had extremely high expectations.. While the meat was cooked lovely and tasted great, I did have to saw through my steak with my knife.. It was restaurant steak quality of Australia I reckon.. and it wasn't the best one I have had in my life... I am yet to find the amazing Argentinian steak! haha! BUT IS WAS SOOO CHEAP! if you convert it to Aussie dollars, 2 steaks and a big salad and 2 bottles of water for Chris and I, it cost us together $17! nice.. Hogs Breath charge like $30 each for steaks like what we had!
And Senor Gomaz is right next door!! How convenient!

After food, I was ready for siesta.. all the shops actually shut from 2pm-4pm for siesta.. they just close and then reopen. So instead of napping, Chris and I went walking into the centre of Quilmes with Thomas (who is living in town, not in the torres like us). It was a good 20min walk and it was great!!! It was really bustling with people in the open mall, which is pedestrians only. there is a park with a fountain and lots of trees.
The shops kind of look like Kempsey or Tamworth shop fronts with the big boxy old school glass windows and dull signs.. however, the items are really modern and nice. cool clothes and food and jewellery and soccer gear (chris noted) etc... we found the train station that can take us straight into Capital (BA city centre) for 90cents. really cool! Walking back to el torres (the towers) was tiring..we stop across the road from where we live at our local fruiteria (green grocer). the shop room was about the size of a small bedroom and filled with crates of the freshest home grown fruit and vege! it smelt good! ripe peaches and bananas and salad and veggies and basil!! We bought veggies for dinner (which I never got to eat cause I crashed into bed early). We left with 2 large bags full of stuff for $7AUD.. amazing! will last us till next week! we also have a deli and Asian supermarket just round the corner! Very cool! The man was so lovely, I didn't get his name but will learn it soon i'm sure. It was rad trying to talk espanol with him..we were so bad at it!! haha, but so fun to have a go!

We have also learned that there are quite a few Indian restaurants in BA capital!! Chris and I want to hunt them out soon! will keep you posted.

Here is a espanol word of the day for you all...
'Pollo' (pronounced Poh-joh)- it means Chicken! and I have been walking around singing..'Pollo pollo pollo' it makes me think of my dear friend Mr James Crabtree who walks around saying 'baja baja baja' he will at least get what my song sounds like! haha.. helps me remember words when I sing them..haha

Love Miki


  1. Hi you two,
    Sounds like you are having a blast!
    one phrase tracy and i learned in Spain is:
    Lo Siento (I'm Sorry)
    it came in handy alot.

    Dan Bosworth

  2. Hola Dan!
    I asked how to say that word on the first day we were here!! haha! i use it heaps..