Saturday, February 12, 2011

Habla Ingles?

So I have my little spiel before going up to someone in a shop or cafe sorted:
"Habla Ingles?" (Do you speak English?)
-the answer is most likely no-
"Yo soy Ingles... Lo siento.." (I am English.. Sorry)
-Then I get stuck... what am I actually trying to say to this person? So now, I make sure I have written down previously in Espanol what I am wanting.. and so my story of today continues..-

I am in dire need of a full leg/bikini wax (sorry gentleman).. and I had no idea how to go about finding a reputable salon..let alone asking for it all in espanol.. BUT NOW I CAN! (I am such a clever cookie.. haha)

I had recommendations to a beauty salon on Mitre (pronounced 'meat-ray' street..they don't use street here.. just the name.. but it is a street non the less) called 'Queens.' I also was well prepared with the words I needed to ask exactly what I wanted done.
"Quisiera una depilicion, por favor." (I would like a wax, please)
"Pierna entera y cavado" (Full leg and bikini)
"Cuanto cuesta?" (How much?)

So I was set!! I walked there and went in, a little unsure how my espanol would go... and it worked! I did have to ask, "Puedes por favor, habla mas despacio" (Could you please speak slowly)... so I could get the price right... anyways.. as it turned out I had a 40min wait before I could get it done and I had left myself hardly anytime before I had our first welcome work lunch... I definitely did not want to rock up to that with my reason being, 'sorry, I was getting my legs waxed.." haha! can you imagine!! So I said I would be back Lunes (Monday)...which I managed to say with lots of smiles and hand gestures.. haha!!

It is just so so good getting out there and trying!! honestly.. its the only way to learn it! If someone who could speak espanol had come with me and spoken it all for me.. I would never have learnt!! cool hey!!

The work lunch asado was great!!! so much tender tasty carne (meat).. my tummy is not 100%... when I was in India, the boys would call it 'dust'... which is the hindi word for.. well you guessed it...
But i'm okay and happy and had a really great time meeting everyone! some great conversations were had! so many different personalities!
We just got back from a local pub (which was actually really classy and excellent!) we successfully ordered our drinks in espanol.
"Agua con gas, con limon fresca fetas y hielo" (Sparkling water with fresh lemon slices and ice), can't wait to order that for mum and dad when they come over, it's what they like drinking too =D

Speaking of parents, both of ours are booked in to come visit! how cool is that!!! Mine in May, Chris' in August!! very neat!

We are off on an adventure to Capital (buenos aires city centre) tomorrow!!
Will keep you posted!

love miki

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