Sunday, February 6, 2011

2 more sleeps!

It has come so quick!! our next blog update will be from Buenos Aires!! wowow!! Can't believe this is it! so very excited!!!!

We have started packing our bags..Chris is so keen to start.. we have had way to long to think and prepare for leaving..we just want to be on the plane.. send off's and good byes are going on for days seeing people. and last night as we were hanging with friends, it hit's so so good to spend time with the quality people in our lives. We will miss you all so much!

I saw my grandparents today, gave my Nanna and Grandy some goodbye hugs and exchange of emails. I have a very clever Nanna!! she will master skype and stay in touch over the internet, it's brilliant!! She is very excited.
We then drove over to Mama and Gidhi's house at Marmong Point and had lunch with them.
You know, I thought it would be easy saying goodbye to them, specially having spent time with them over christmas and holidays... But it really was hard. I feel very sad this afternoon. I miss them already. All I think about is how much time they gave me when I was growing up, the memories and their love. My grandparents are so loving and giving!
I looked into my Nan's and Mama's eyes and we both were welling up, choked up with tears. I really hope I will see them again!! It's a dealing with thing for me. I love them so very much. Just had to share how I feel this day.
Full of love and warmth and memories and missing them.

Makes me think how I will go saying goodbye to my mum and dad at the airport, they are my bestfriends. I know I will see them in a couple of months when they visit.. and skype and photos and calls etc...
But it is the realisation that I am stepping out.. a big step.. a new life.. together with my beautiful bestfriend and lover and husband!!

We are starting life anew and it is extremely thrilling and daunting.

Here we go, the adventure begins..

love Miki


  1. It is hard to say goodbye, and so exciting to be beginning this wonderful adventure! Though there may be a big lump in your throat saying goodbye to your parents, I have no doubt it will quickly transform into butterflies of excitement in your belly! We're thinking of you guys and wishing you so much love on this exciting journey... Ben is excited thinking of the soccer Chris will get to see... I am excited thinking of you, beautiful lady, doing your soul work in a place you have dreamed of since the day I met you! Hugs, love and light x x x

  2. Oh lovely lady, that was such a beautiful message to me!! thanks for your love and encouragement!!
    All my love to you and Ben! Who knows what this year will hold! adventures around every corner!
    'Happiness is not what you get out of your day, but what you put into it' - this year will definitely be about embracing life fully for you guys! as it always has been!!
    All my love to you friend!!
    love miki