Monday, February 21, 2011

Tired Legs

They are sooo tired! Chris and I can't get over how achy our poor legs are from all the walking we are doing! and on top of that, I also am am doing a bike spin class every Lunas, Miercoles y Vienes (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). I went every day (Mon, Wed, Fri) last week and did it tonight and just loving it!
I have been going with Peggy who is such a beautiful lady! She is a prep school (primary) teacher at St Georges. She is English and has travelled the world. She is living in the apartment right above ours and we go to the cycle class together.
It is so much fun!! the bikes are soo old and squeeky, but work fine and the music is fun and I find I am laughing so much during the class. Talk about hoisting the endorphins! Loving it!

And it's so special to have a female friend who I am bounce with. We are definitely similar and Pegs is just a vibrant happy spirit. Blessed to have a friend like her!

Well I need to get these achy legs into bed. One more day left before the students come back to school. Soooo much to do before then! But the department is definitely coming together nicely. I will take more pictures and put them up on Facebook and on this blog.

Do you notice that I haven't talked that much about food?!
Well, just let me add this. I had the most AMAZING asado for dinner!!! oh my it was good!!! I have not tasted meat cooked like that before!! Now I feel like I am officially in Argentina! yiippeeeeee

love Miki

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