Thursday, January 13, 2011

8th February, 2011 @ 1pm

And there is the date and time of when we jet set off to our new home!
We are flying with Aerolinas Argentina... does anyone know if this is a good airline for a 13 hr flight?

I'm so excited and nervous!
We still haven't shipped our belongings.. waiting for confirmation from St George's.. I'm getting anxious! At least everything is packed!

Chris and I have continued shopping for bits and pieces. I have a new work wardrobe which is amazing!!! I will be looking very presentable at school, really happy about that.
Chris now has to get some ties and shirts and outfits for school also. Much more corporate than the public schools here in Australia!

We have our interview with the Argentine Consulate next Tuesday, that will hopefully be the final paperwork step in getting our working visa status.

Did you know we have all the same rights as an Argentinian citizen after living there for 2 years! we can buy land and property there if we want, get a kids later on can have Argentinian passports!! how amazing is that!! weeeee... the possibilities of living abroad is super super!

Yesterday we were at the Arg Consulate submitting our documents and application, we were in the waiting room and listening to the reception dude talking to others in the office and they were speaking so smooth and fast in Espaniol.. chris and I were looking at each other and going "how are we gonna learn this"!! so excited to learn Spanish fluent! and it's gonna be challenging!!

woohoooo!! that's all I can say!

love miki

(when I write 'Arg' it is short for 'Argentina')

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