Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the 'two' blog. two things lost. two weeks to go.

In two weeks time we will be in BA! And, I have had a fun old time preparing myself by losing two very important things:

1) On Saturday, I was enjoying making a killer smoked trout and salad toasted sandwich with mayo (very fancy). I was so excited about this sandwich that I opened the fridge door (to return the mayo to its' rightful place) without moving my foot out of the way! It wasn't until about 5 seconds after I closed the fridge again,  that I noticed that my big toe nail was lifted out of the nail bed (a couple of millimetres from where it should have been) and that blood was pouring from it. I'd caught the end of the toe nail on the bottom of the fridge door! Pain.

An uncharacteristically short trip to the hospital and a referral to a podiatrist confirmed that there would be no soccer, beach or exercise for a few weeks + no normal toe nail for about 3 months. Fun stuff. But hey, it means more chill time with Mik, more catching up with friends, more bass practice and more football manager 2011 during the next two weeks while we wait to leave.

2) The second thing lost was my hair. Mik and I decided to cut my long locks in preparation for a more formal/corporate line of employment in BA. My hair was the longest I've ever had it, so it was tough to see it go. Mik and I could have made a wig out of the removed hair! Nice to have it out of the eyes and easy to manage though, but my hippy/rock muso status has dropped about 5 points. Ah well, got to embrace changes!

So, a little bit of an informative/whinge centred first-addition to this blog by yours truly, but this should be very much over-shadowed in the coming weeks by the excitement of our impending adventures during our new 'Life In Argentina'.

I look forward to reflecting on the music, futbol and language in my posts!




  1. Congratulations you two,How exciting!
    Hope you are well and maybe we'll see you there sometime,I've always wanted to go to Argentina.
    dan bosworth
    and tracy bosworth

  2. Hey guys,

    Great to hear from you! We are well. You guys would be more than welcome to hang with us if you're keen on an Arg trip. Hope all is well for you two!? What's been happening?

    Chris + Mikaela