Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It has begun..

So packing to move overseas has begun!
Sure, we moved out of our house and have culled all the junk...but this is packing to move overseas...getting all the nice new boxes and choosing what we will take and what we will throw or store...We have got 8 standard boxes packed! We have learnt that the shipping crate we can get can fit about 21 boxes. So we have made a good chunk in... we think we are about half way with our personal items packed!
But who wants to hear about cardboard boxes..
I'll tell ya how I'm feeling.
Apart from the anxiousness of not having all our immigration documents together yet (and we fly in a month!) I am SOOOO EXCITED! Chris and I talk about this decision to be overseas and we just buzz!! I feel like I verbally say over and over "Oh, it's gonna be such a cool adventure," and I find myself saying it over and over in my head and before I go to sleep! very cool!
I'm fully looking forward to starting this job at St Georges!! Can't wait to get into the department and create some funky Koelma craziness! haha. Time to engage these Argentinian kiddies into the language of Music! woohoooo!!
Will write again soon with what expectations I have.. wish I could say I had none, but we always do.

love miki

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