Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Off off and away..

No, we havn't flown off yet, but all our personal belongings were picked up today to be shipped off into the sunset on a boat! haha
So that was a big step..seeing all those boxes loaded into a yellow 'pack & send' van.. I really hope it gets to our door in Buenos Aires!!

We also went back to the Argentine Consulate today for our interview. It went really well, we are fine with our visa's. Should have them back with our passports in a week or two! hoorraaah

And I found our what musical we are doing at school this year, 'Oliver'!
very excited to be starting this new job, so keen to get plugged into my work and make magic happen! weeeeeeee

love miki


  1. Oliver in English or Spanish? Cockney accents might be hilarious :)
    How fun!

  2. haha! pretty sure in english! it would be funny with the accents!!! hahaha