Thursday, January 6, 2011

Buying 'stuff'

And so today we were on the hunt for those essential things we need for Argentina. Things that we need to pack on the shipping container that we don't have...those 'expensive' things that are on sale at the moment. Erina Fair shopping centre is ridiculously crazy at the moment!
Chris and I had a list and just went in and got it all!
We went to a bag shop and got a beast of a suitcase for 70% off!

Anyways, all this 'stuff' that we have just purchased is cheaper buying here than in Arg (Argentina)- so we've been told. So while we buy yummy bed linen and face cream I know I can't get over there and all the other bits and least we know we will be all set to power on and have a comfy nest over in Arg!

and while this post seems a little fruity loopy and pointless.. me writing on this blog makes me so so eager to be writing while we're over there!!

If you are reading, feel free to drop comments, I love it when people comment! will just make my excitement be even more retarded!

love miki

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